WebDrive via Goodreader


WebDrive makes it possible to reach your UT documents while you are working at home and/or on your mobile device. You can reach your data by using Finder, Windows Explorer or a mobile device with WebDAV app (e.g. GoodReader, WebDAV Navigator).

It is not possible to copy big files, like CDs or big programs; maximum file size is 30 MB.

To reach your data, you use a WebDAV protocol. There are several WebDAV clients for different platforms (Apple Mac OS, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux). Because the data is transported via internet, you can reach your data nearly everywhere. You don’t need VPN connection and your data is secured by HTTPS connection.



This manual has been written for IOS. There is another manual for Mac and Windows.


You will have to carry out actions regularly when going through the manual. A fixed writing method is applied: references to text and buttons on screens are in italics, details you have to enter are in bold.


Step 1: Add WebDav server

Open GoodReader on the iPad.

Click Connect to Servers.

Click WebDAV Server.

Add server

Step 2: Login

In the field behind Readable Title enter UT.

In the field behind URL-address enter https://webdrive.utwente.nl in.

In the field behind User enter the username of your ICT account (e.g. goghv).

In the field behind Password enter the appropriate password.

In the field behind Domain enter AD.

Click Add.


Now it is possible to look to and annotate your documents on your UT WebDrive at your iPad via Goodreader.