SharePoint FAQ

Below, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about SharePoint and about the use of SharePoint. More information can be found in the Services catalogue from LISA.

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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration system that allows you to share information about a specific project, meeting and/or documents with other members of your department, project team, or their organizational structure, either on campus or off. More information can be found in the Services catalogue from LISA.

How do I logon to SharePoint?

Browse to the Landing page: . Klick “Sign in” in the upper right corner
On the next page, at the bottom choose:


“Windows Authentication” when you have an ICT account at the University of Twente and log in using M<number> and your password.


“other login” to sign in using Yahoo, Facebook or Microsoft Live ID. You use your email address and password

Perhaps you have to click the arrow in the selection box to get the choice between “Windows Authentication” and “Other login”.

How do I get a SharePoint site?

When logged on to SharePoint, you can find a request form at the Landing page:


When the form is completed you get an instant confirmation mail.


After a few minutes your site is created and you'll get an email with all necessary information.


If requested, an IT Services Technical Support Specialist will contact you to schedule a SharePoint consultation.

Where can I find the conditions for using SharePoint?

These can be found in the Services catalogue from LISA.

Who is responsible for the accuracy of my data in SharePoint?

Only the site owner is responsible for the accuracy of the data on his site.

How can I easily add my notes?

OneNote is integrated into SharePoint. OneNote is also an application in Office and it also exists as an app for smartphones and tablets.

How do I log into my SharePoint site?

Use to access SharePoint.
When you are an employee or student,


you choose “Windows Authentication” and enter your AD username and password.


else you can logon with a Live-, a Facebook- or a Yahoo-account, you choose “Live/Facebook/Yahoo Login” and enter your email address and password.

Is Microsoft Office required for SharePoint?

No. Microsoft web apps allow you to open and edit Microsoft documents within the browser, however, without having MS Office installed, you will have limited capabilities

Share - How can I invite people to my site?

Click on “Share”, right top on my site.

What if I need help?

Read this FAQ. LISA provides customised support, the costs for which are charged on. In consultation with an account manager from LISA, agreements can be made about support with regard to functionality, design, courses and information analysis. Requests for customised support are made by sending in a support request to the Service Desk ICT.

What Internet browsers are supported?

SharePoint 2013 works best with Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher) or the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Viewing SharePoint on a smart phone or other mobile device has been optimized.

What is data classification in SharePoint?

Data Classification in SharePoint follows the classification guidelines of the University of Twente (Dutch): Classificatierichtlijn Informatie en Informatiesystemen Universiteit Twente.
At this time, only the classifications “Standard” and “sensitive” are possible.

What is the difference between a TeamSite and a ProjectSite

You use de template for Team Site when you want to create a site that teams can use to create, organize, and share information. The template includes a document library, an announcement list, a calendar, a contacts list, and a links list. A team site is uses to store long-term routine information for a single department, or short-term information from a special project that spans several departments. - Team sites has default “wiki page home page”, “Team Task” and feature activated. - A Project sites enables people in an organization to effectively collaborate on lightweight projects. Project managers can quickly get a sense of what’s going on in a project, and team members can quickly see how their work fits into the overall context. Project sites also enable teams to access and share relevant data, documents, and communication.

What’s the difference between a site and a page?

A site is a collection of content that can contains items such as pages, document libraries, or lists. A page is an individual webpage on which you can display content, Web Parts or links. You can use them to create a hierarchy in your team site.