In practical terms, the phone usage procedure for new employees is as follows:

1. The unit’s HR cluster will register the new employee in Oracle HR, at the same time recording his or her position and work location (the building must be included here).

2. The new employee’s secretariat will ask the ICT Service Desk

by e-mail, phone or in person to enable the new employee to use Lync. The following information must be included in the enabling request: the new employee’s name, faculty/department, an ‘OFI number’ for variable expenses, and the type of phone usage plan requested (refer to the table below).


Plan 1: Internal                                    Internal numbers only: +31 53 489xxxx

Plan 2*: Domestic                               Internal, local, domestic and mobile numbers

Plan 3: International                            Internal, local, domestic, mobile and international numbers

Plan 4: All types of usage allowed     Local, domestic, mobile, international and premium-rate numbers (0900 numbers)  


*Standard plan


Requests for telephone numbers may be submitted from the moment a new employee’s work location has been registered in Oracle HR. To ensure that a phone number is operational by the time a new employee commences work, please submit requests for new phone numbers to the Service Desk at least five working days before a new employee commences work. 

3. If necessary, the new employee’s secretariat will order a device for the new employee through the LISA self-service portal.

If a device is required, we recommend that it be ordered approximately four weeks in advance, so as to ensure that the new employee can be presented with his or her device on the day s/he commences work. Normally, LISA has all types of devices in stock, but stocks have been known to run low, in which case the supplier may require up to 3 weeks to deliver the device.

 4. LISA will notify the new employee’s secretariat of the new telephone number created. In addition, LISA will also register that said phone number in the work location system as well as in the UT’s telephone directory.

Please note that the telephone number will not be active until the date on which the new employee commences work. Prior to that date, the new employee may be able to log in to Lync if necessary, but s/he will not be able to be called by people from outside UT.