Order new device

New devices can be ordered via the LISA self-service portal. Direct link:


Note that this link might change in the future.

Device broken/faulty

In principle, broken or faulty devices can be registered with the Service Desk ICT. The Service Desk will first try to establish whether the problem is PC-related (software, drivers) or device-related at a distance. Should the Service Desk fail to solve the problem from a distance, the device will be inspected by workplace support staff. Should the device turn out to be faulty, it will immediately be replaced. All accessories to the old device (cables, chargers, etc.) will also need to be handed in.

A different procedure applies when it is clear in advance that the device has become broken/lost due to personal act or omission. In that case, the device is not covered by warranty and a new one needs to be ordered.

Ordering accessories

Accessories can be ordered for some devices (e.g. new ear pads). These accessories, too, are listed on the LISA self-service portal: