Publishing is an important part of scientific research, because it allows you to communicate the results of your research. Consider the topics below before publishing your article, thesis, dissertation, book (chapter), or conference paper.

Open Access: publishing more visibly

By publishing Open Access (OA), you are making your research more visible, because anyone, anywhere has online access to OA publications.

Our pages on OA publishing offer practical instructions for publishing OA in a scientific journal and for depositing your publication in the university repository UTpublications. The pages discuss the pros and cons of OA publishing, and show you how to assess the quality and impact of OA journals and publishers and how to cover the cost of OA publishing.










Publishing: Open Access (OA)



Copyright: What you need to consider before publishing

Whenever you publish, always pay attention to copyright rules.

Our pages on Copyright offer information and practical instructions for protecting the copyright of your own work and for abiding by the copyright of other people’s work, for example by only reusing materials with Creative Commons licences and by citing.










Publishing: Copyright



Always upload your scientific work to a UT Repository

Whenever you publish an article, a book (chapter) or a conference paper, upload the author version of your publication to the university repository UTpublications to increase the visibility of your research. The author version is the version after peer review, but without the final layout of the publisher. Do not worry about copyright or costs: The University Library will perform a copyright check, and uploading is free of charge. If you belong to the faculty EEMCS, upload your publication to the EEMCS Repository. If you belong to the faculty ITC, upload your publication to the ITC Repository.

Are you a University of Twente student and have you written your Bachelor or Master thesis? Then you need to upload your thesis to the university repository UT Student Theses to be allowed to graduate.

Are you a University of Twente PhD student and have you written your dissertation? Then you will need to apply for an ISBN (see below), hand in a double-spaced abstract (250−350 words), two hard copies of your dissertation, and if applicable, two sets of propositions. You will also need to upload your dissertation to UTpublications.











Faculty repository EEMCS

Faculty repository ITC




UT Student Theses






UT Student Theses



Applying for an ISBN

Do you want to publish UT-related work under your own management, for example your dissertation or thesis? Then you need to apply for an international standard book number (ISBN). You will be charged 43 euros for an ISBN, which you will receive per email within three working days. In case of a thesis, you will also receive a persistent identifier in the form of a DOI number (digital object identifier). A DOI guarantees sustainable access to your work, even if the URL changes. To apply for an ISBN, simply fill in the form below.

In urgent cases and for more information about ISBNs and DOIs, please e-mail Content Management (University Library) or call 053 489 2131.










Form for ISBN application



More information

For more information about publishing, please contact your information specialist.




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