For EWI Employees

Employees from the EWI faculty can apply for a web page for personal use. On this page use can be made of static HTML/CSS pages and a number of common programming languages ​​such as PHP. The data is stored centrally on an LISA server and can be accessed via any supported platform (Windows, OS X and Linux). It is also possible to query a MySQL database so that the data is stored locally on the EWI web server. The URL is as follows:


Every EWI staff member can submit an application via the Service desk ICT. You can also indicate whether a database is required. With premission from M&C it is possible to register deviating URLs and use the web server for projects.


The costs associated with this service are paid by the EWI faculty.


The following is required to use this service:


Appointment within the EWI faculty;


No delivery period applies.


For support, use the self-service page and the manuals. If you have any further questions and in the case of malfunctions, contact the
Service desk ICT.


The data is stored on the (is, accessible via NFS and SMB. The EWI Remote login server demeter can also be used to access the data (via ssh/sftp).

This service is not suitable for confidential data.