Password expires

For security reasons, your ICT account password expires every year. This means you have to renew your password. This can only be done through the self service portal. If you do not renew your password through the self service portal, you will no longer be able to use the central ICT facilities. Before date of expire, you will be reminded about this 3 times by e-mail. The first time will be 31 days before date of expiry, the second time 15 days before date of expiry and the final time, 3rd day before date of expire and 1 day before date of expiry. When you renew your password between the first and second reminder, you will not receive additional reminders and you will be able to use the password for a year.

The e-mail looks like this:

When renewing the password, the conditions of the UT password policy (Dutch only) apply. Below you can find out how to renew the password.

Please note: at the University of Twente you will never be asked by email for your ICT account (user name and password)!

The email that you receive as notification will always refer to the personal administration page. Before logging on to this personal administration page, you should always check that the address in the address bar starts with: and that it looks like this:

Internet explorer

This is a secure environment within the University of Twente. Outside of the UT, the password can be changed by first connecting to the VPN.