FAQ Fiber to the Home

1. Why should I switch to Fiber to the Home?


Glass fiber is up to 30x faster than ADSL.


Glass fiber provides a more stable connection


A glass fiber connection is symmetrical (meaning that upload and download speeds are the same). 


With a glass fiber connection you also have access to IPTV.


It is possible to offer more services in the future through glass fiber.

2. What does Fiber to the Home cost?

The subscription is €30 per month, incl. VAT.

3. Does the UT charge connection costs for a glass fiber connection?

The UT charges no connection costs for a glass fiber connection

4. How long does it take before the connection can be activated?

The connection can be activated within two weeks.

5. How can I apply for Fiber to the Home?

Attached is an application form for a glass fiber connection.

Go to the Self service Portal.

6. Will the ADSL service ultimately be cancelled?

In time, the UT's ADSL service will be cancelled. The equipment for these connections is very out of date and there is too little development in the field of “Internet via telephone cables” to continue with it.

7. Why can I only request "set-top box" via the IPTV web site?

The "set-top box" (through which you can receive digital television via the Fiber to the Home connection) is a service provided by the Campus Cable Association (VCK). LISA supports VCK in the carriage of the traffic but VCK supplies the hardware and support for the end-user.

8. What is the period of notice for a glass fiber connection?

The subscription can be cancelled as of the first of any month, with at least one month notice. 

9. Possible Breakdowns?

In that event please contact the Service Desk ICT.

10. Up to what distance is the connection provided?

The connection is provided in the meter cupboard itself. All additional (computer) equipment is the responsibility of the customer.