Tips for sharing your own material online

Where to upload your own material?

At the moment the UT does not yet have a designated website where you can upload teaching material. Current options are: personal website, youtube, slideshare.

What should you take into account when sharing your own material?

Make sure that you have permission from all your co-authors when you want to share material online. Also, don’t forget audio-visual material from third parties that you may have used. When you have used images and video clips from the internet, make sure to check the terms and conditions for using them.

NB Using video and audio material during a lecture is allowed, but there are restrictions when it comes to placing this on blackboard. More detailed information on this subject can be found on SURF’s copyrights website (Dutch only).

In addition to this, you have to consider under which licenses you want to share your own material.

What licenses can you use?

Sharing your work under a Creative Commons (CC)-license is a good option. With this CC-license you retain all your rights as the creator of the material, while granting others permission to share or edit your material beforehand.

There are different options when choosing a CC-license, depending on what you want others to be able to do with your work. However, all licenses require that you are recognized as the creator of the material. You can choose whether people are allowed to edit your work, use it for commercial purposes, and whether they have to apply the same license when distributing the (derived) work. More information on the different CC-licenses and how to apply such a license to your material can be found on the Creative Commons website.

For questions and advice, contact the information specialist of your faculty, or Petri de Willigen.