Tips for using digital resources in your studies

There are a lot of digital resources available. Some teachers use them regularly in courses/ modules, while others only use them sparingly. As a student you may be interested in using digital resources as an addition to your teacher’s material.

Digital resources are suitable for:


Acquiring a better understanding of a given subject. Sometimes another person’s explanation of a topic can be very clarifying.


Getting a deeper understanding of the material. You may be so inspired by a certain topic that you wish to learn more about it.


Broadening your knowledge. Your academic studies are interesting, but you may also be interested in other disciplines. By studying digital resources you can broaden your knowledge.

When you find digital resources that you think could be useful for others too, consider sharing those with your teacher and classmates.

Keep in mind that you can’t simply get credits for MOOCs you have taken, so consider MOOCs mainly as a way to enrich your knowledge.