Classroom of the future

For UT employees

The Classroom of the Future gives teachers the capability to switch easily during a class from oral communication of the subject matter to activities clustered around a theme - so-called project education. A combination of these forms of teaching is also possible.

“By promoting not only whole-class, but also group and one-to-one interactions, students work in a collaborative, supportive and enriched environment that engages them with the learning materials and each other to support the types of interaction that foster effective learning.” McGill University Educause 2012.


Chairs and pillow chairs are at the front of the classroom for the students to follow the teacher's presentation, possibly with the support of the video wall. Flexible walls are set up in the middle and at the rear of the classroom that form a demarcation of the project spaces. Each project space is equipped with a touchscreen to support the explication of project assignments.

The touchscreens can be controlled from a laptop using Wi-Fi. One or multiple touchscreens (up to four) can be shown on the video wall using WePresenter.

The Classroom of the Future is particularly suitable for encouraging interactive studying (active learning). The remarkable, uneven setup of the classroom has a positive effect on the processes of:


teacher <-> student interaction


interaction among students in a group (collaboration)


interaction between/among groups


A request for the Classroom of the Future can be submitted to the CES scheduling team, to the LISA account manager or by means of a request via the LISA portal for “Classroom of the Future"



Faculties are not charged for using the Classroom of the Future. Services/institutes and third parties can use the Classroom of the Future for the rental price agreed to beforehand with the LISA account manager.


In principle, the Classroom of the Future may be reserved for half days for practical training, a project or for "Colstructie" education (a combined lecture and homework session). The reservation must be requested well in advance.

Direct link to the CotF schedule


The following prioritisation applies to the assignment of the classroom.


1st - education takes priority over other types of requests.

2nd - reservations made quarterly take priority over “one-off" reservations.

3rd - reservations are processed in the sequence of their receipt.


The supervisor for the DesignLab is also the supervisor for the Classroom of the Future and opens and closes the access to the Classroom of the Future. The supervisor for the DesignLab has access to the reservation schedule for the Classroom of the Future.

Requests for technical support are made via the Service Desk ICT (tel. no.: 5577)