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For Students and Employees

Within the scope of scientific quality and integrity, sustainably archiving research data and making it available to the academic world is of great importance. Research financiers such as the EU and The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) set sustainable archiving and availability of research data as a condition for receiving subsidy for research, mostly because of the desire to recycle. The reputation of the scientist is also an important reason to keep research data as quotable output and make it available in a sustainable manner.


Sustainable archiving and availability of research data is a specialized service which in the Netherlands is provided by:


3TU.Datacentrum (technical and natural sciences)


DANS (social sciences and humanities)

Both services are recognized by the NWO and the EU as suitable archives for research data. It is also possible to opt for a domain-specific data repository.


Support is provided by the suppliers of this service.

For more information, please contact Maarten van Bentum (B&A) via email or phone


Archiveren Onderzoeksdata

Storage, backup and restore of data, for email, M:, P:, U:, institution systems and research data.