Archival regulations

Below, you will find links to regulations and instructions that are relevant for record management. The instructions show you which documents and files must be kept until eternity and which can be destroyed after a given period of time. You will also find the procedure for supplying archives to LISA.

Please note that the links below partially refer to Dutch texts.

Regulation Record management University of Twente 2015 (pdf in Dutch)
Explanation Regulation Record management University of Twente (pdf in Dutch)
Basis Selectie Document (Dutch)
Overviews of documents to be destroyed or archived:

Chairs (pdf)
Committees Educational quality (pdf in Dutch)
Examination Committees (pdf in Dutch)
Faculty Boards (pdf in Dutch)

Institutes (pdf)

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinators (pdf)

Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant professors (pdf)

Programme Directors (pdf)

Study programme committee (pdf in Dutch)

Manual to set-up and management an archive for
student associations (pdf in Dutch)
Procedure transfer archives to LISA (pdf in Dutch)

For questions about archiving or destroying documents or files, please contact Gerhard Kleinsman