Archival services

The university’s record management is bound by rules. The most important one is the Regulation Record management University of Twente 2015. This regulation is a translation of the Dutch laws and regulations for those in charge of forming the archive within our university. Based on this regulation, LISA has created instructions for committees, chairs, faculty boards, and student associations. The Regulation Record management and the instructions can be found here (partially in Dutch).

LISA supports all divisions of the university in abiding by the Regulation Record management. Please contact the archive specialist of your faculty, department or institute.

Storage of archives

Your paper archives can be stored, on terms, in the Vrijhof building, so your most important information is within reach but not in your office. This is also the case for study associations, student associations and sports associations. Would you like access to stored archives or more information about archiving conditions, please contact Tonnie Mulstege.


Within the University of Twente, abbreviations are used for units, such as study programmes, departments, services and committees. There is a list (in Dutch) of abbreviations that are currently in use. There is also a list (in Dutch) of abbreviations that are no longer in use.