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Task 3.2 Experimental studies of flame dynamics in model combustor. (Imperial College)

seven people, limousine, marie curie actions

The training will focus on flame dynamics and rate of heat release as a function of acoustics. These processes will be investigated with a variety of advanced measurement techniques: Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for velocity field measurements, Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) for the flame front dynamics and chemiluminescence for time-dependent heat release rate; pressure transducers will also be used. The advanced laser diagnostics at IC will simultaneously determine the fluid motion (using PIV) in the area occupied by the flame (identified by LIF). This way their flame tracker method can be applied, and the corresponding flame surface area will be quantified. The chemiluminescence sensor, developed during the FLAMESEEK and MAST_B_LIQUID projects, will be used to provide the time-dependent flame structure. Since the chemiluminescence sensor is easy and cheap to use in real environments, it is a very appropriate sensor for active control of combustion oscillations.