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Experimental acoustics and combustion dynamics

seven people, limousine, marie curie actions

This is an experimental work package with a focus on acoustic processes, rate of heat release, combustion dynamics and structural vibration. The processes in the combustor will be studied with various diagnostic tools, in particular: pressure transducers, chemiluminescence, laser vibrometry, advanced laser diagnostics (LDA, PIV, PLIF) and liner thermo couples.

Three combustion test rig designs will be used. The first test rig is a laboratory-scale model combustor, which will be purpose-built for experimental studies of thermo-acoustic oscillations with high amplitudes. It will be specifically designed to operate in the unstable mode so that limit-cycles and other nonlinear effects can be investigated. Four identical rigs will be manufactured, to be used at UT/t, IC, IfTA and DLR. The second test rig will be a non-premixed combustor (50kW) operating on synthesized gas, already existing at UZ. The third rig will be the DESIRE test rig, existing at UT/t. It is a large premixed natural gas combustor with a power of 100kW/bar, operating at elevated pressure levels of 1 to 5 bars, and it allows scale-up studies.

Each task represents a topic for a PhD or post-doc project