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Task 2.3 Numerical (CFD) studies for liquid-fuel spray flames. (Technical University of Brno)

seven people, limousine, marie curie actions

Instruction will be given in the modelling of aerodynamic and combustion interaction in liquid-fuel spray flames. The unstable interaction of the fuel spray with the incoming air will be studied numerically. The numerical liquid-fuel CFI combustion model developed at UT/t will be used for spray combustion, allowing the study of the thermo-acoustic behaviour of the system. Attention will be given to the dynamics of two-phase combustion and how it differs from single-phase combustion. LDA and PIV/PLIF spray measurements on the test rig at UB will be used as input to the numerical computations. This task identifies the key parameters in the interaction of the fuel spray with the aerodynamics of the combustor.