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siemensSiemens Power Generation, a group within Siemens AG, is one of the world's leading suppliers of power plant technology for the generation of electricity and heat from all economically viable energy sources. With a world-wide network of regional offices and support centres, own manufacturing facilities and joint ventures, Siemens Power Generation is present in all important markets and promotes local added value and know-how transfer. They are in second position worldwide in terms of sales, and their world market share for fossil fuel power stations is about 25%.

Siemens Power Generation offers a complete portfolio of gas turbines in the range between 1 MW (SGT-100) and 350 MW (SGT5-80000H). In the autumn of 2007, they will introduce the SGT5-8000H, the most powerful and most efficient gas turbine in the world with an efficiency of over 60% in combined cycle (CC) operation. Over the last decade the share of CC power plants has risen from 10% to 48%, and a further increase is predicted, thanks to the rapid developments in gas turbine technology. Siemens Power Generation also co-ordinates all the activities necessary to build a power plant and supplies the key components: the gas turbine, the steam turbine and the generator.

The Fossil Power Division, which employs about 18,000 people (most of them highly qualified), and is located in Mülheim-an-der-Ruhr in northern Germany, will participate in the proposed project. Its main business areas are conventional coal-fired steam power plants and CC power plants fired by natural gas or liquid fuel. Extensive experience with EU-funded networks has been gained in related networks, in particular DESIRE, FLUISTCOM and ENCAP. The division will provide access to its combustion laboratory (which houses several commercial-size test rigs, complemented by a wide range of instrumentation) and contribute to the training activities with subject-specific courses on design and testing procedures for gas turbines, etc. It will also provide complementary training, such as working in an integrated project team.