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The thermoacoustics company iftaIfTA (Ingenieurbüro für Thermoakustik GmbH) is an SME founded in 1996 and based on the outskirts of Munich in southern Germany. They specialise in controlling thermo-acoustic instabilities in large-scale industrial combustion systems, in particular gas turbines, with active and passive methods. Their trade-mark product, AIC (Active Instability Control System), has been installed world-wide in about 50 gas turbines.

The company’s philosophy puts a strong emphasis on research, which is the key to the innovative products and services offered to their customers. These include

  • design, development and commissioning of complete control systems (software and hardware)
  • diagnostic measurements in combustion systems
  • advanced long-term oscillation monitoring systems

The company has a history of involvement in research projects with academic and industrial partners, in particular Siemens Power Generation (a LIMOUSINE partner), MTU Aero Engines GmbH, Jet Propulsion Institute (Institut für Strahlantriebe) at the Universität der Bundeswehr in Munich, and the Institute for Turbo Engines and Fluid Dynamics (Institut für Turbomaschinen und Fluid-Dynamik) at the University of Hanover.

Facilities at IfTA include a thermo-acoustics laboratory with measurement equipment (microphones, piezo-transducers, photo-multipliers, multi-channel DAT-recorder, etc.), as well as a comprehensive set of powerful software tools developed in-house. The laboratory is equipped for research on small combustion systems involving gaseous and liquid fuels.