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Energy Park Eemshaven met op voorgrond ElectrabelElectrabel is the largest power company in the Benelux countries and trades on all European markets. Its core activities are generation and sale of electricity, and energy products and services. The generating capacity of its European facilities is over 30 000 MW. Electrabel is part of SUEZ, an industrial and services group that is active in energy and the environment.

Electrabel NL. The Dutch site, Electrabel NL, is situated in Zwolle, 110km northeast of Amsterdam. They employ 1080 staff, have a generating capacity of 4711 MW, and a sales volume of 22325 GWh.). 

Laborelec. The Belgian site, Laborelec, is situated near Brussels. It is a technical research centre, created in 1962, in order to support the Elecrabel member companies with research and specialised services. In recent years, its activities have spread into the global market through the international activities of Electrabel.