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DLR is the German national centre for aeronautics, astronautics and energy research. It is the largest establishment for engineering research in Germany. Large-scale test facilities and 25 institutes provide services for government and industry. The Institute of Combustion Technology (Institut für Verbrennungstechnik), which is based in Stuttgart, will participate in the proposed project.DLR

The Institute of Combustion Technology is active in the fields of combustion instability, pollutant formation for gas, as well as spray combustion. It possesses a variety of laser systems and high-pressure laboratory burners (up to 100 bar) for the measurement of species concentrations and temperature fields in flames. Among the available measuring techniques are Rayleigh-scattering, spontaneous Raman-scattering, CARS, LIF, multi-photon fluorescence, extinction/absorption methods, and LII. For the numerical simulation of unsteady and steady turbulent combustion, the 3D-CFD-Code THETA (developed in-house) for unstructured grids is available.

Computer resources at DLR comprise modern parallel computers, such as Linux-clusters, as well as HPC facilities, such as IBM Power 5 nodes clusters. Furthermore, the supercomputers of the High Performance Computing Competence Center Baden-Württemberg (hkz-bw) are available.