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ansysANSYS UK is a subsidiary of ANSYS Inc, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Engineering Analysis software. Their products include the ANSYS FEA software for stress analysis, CFX and Fluent for Computational Fluid Dynamics, ICEM CFD for mesh generation, as well as a number of specialist analysis programs, which address specific niche markets. Its core customer base includes the power generation, automotive, aerospace and chemical and process industries. ANSYS has a team of over 1400 people (mainly based in Europe) developing, supporting and exploiting its software, with 3 development centres in the UK, as well as in Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Within the UK operating company, ANSYS UK, which is based in Oxfordshire, there are around 60 staff members, many of whom have an international reputation in the development and application of CFD code. ANSYS UK has considerable expertise in combustion, turbulence modelling, multi-phase and reacting flows, acoustics, etc. It is also able to draw upon the expertise at the other ANSYS locations, and from its partner organisations and customers, to provide high quality simulation technology. ANSYS also offers training courses to its customers, and it contributes to academic courses, to provide an industrial perspective on modelling and simulation.

The staff at ANSYS have participated in many collaborative projects funded by the European Commission, such as BREIN, FIRENET, GEMSS, COPHIT, etc. In addition, they collaborate with universities, government agencies and commercial companies throughout Europe, to extend the use of CFD in key applications. ANSYS has well-developed channels to market, and hosts seminars and courses on a regular basis. It also publishes ANSYS Advantage, a magazine with over 70,000 copies produced, for distribution worldwide to managers within the engineering simulation and design industries.