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The Limousine project

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Limousine is a new Marie Curie Initial Training network funded by the European Commission under Framework 7. It represents a multidisciplinary initiative to strengthen the fundamental scientific work in the field of thermo-acoustic instabilities in combustion systems, and is motivated by the need for lean combustion technologies and reduced emissions. The network comprises 12 partner institutions across Europe: 5 academic partners, 2 research institutions and 5 industrial partners. There is also an academic partner in the USA.

The research in Limousine will focus on the limit cycle behaviour of the unstable pressure oscillations in gas turbines, and on the resulting mechanical vibrations and materials fatigue. It will provide research training to young European scientists and engineers in mathematics, computational modelling, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid mechanics, combustion experimental techniques, material science and control systems theory. It will help to generate a new generation of young engineering scientists, who are highly skilled in the development and application of design and operational tools, to keep thermo-acoustic induced vibration and fatigue within limits at all circumstances. A total of 20 research positions are offered.

example of a gas turbine engine

Example of a gas turbine engine