Uitnodiging bezoek Rathenau Institute 23 mei

Programme for visit at the Rathenau Institute, The Hague, 23 May 2011



Students from (or interested in) Master programme Philosophy of Science, Technology and Philosophy, University of Twente


Students from Master programme Science Communication, University of Twente

How to prepare for your visit at the Rathenau Institute?

Please go to the website of the RI (http://www.rathenau.nl/) and familiarise yourself with the organisation and its activities. The website is available in Dutch and in English. The Dutch version is the most comprehensive. An additional source of information, especially for international students, is the website of the European TA organisation EPTA (http://www.eptanetwork.org/EPTA/index.php). On this website, students from other European countries may also find information and links to TA organisations in their home country.

While examining these websites, we would ask you to consider the following items:


Mission and aims of the Rathenau Institute (and other TA organisations in Europe)


Programme of activities: themes and projects


What are the forms of interaction used in these various activities?


In what ways are the results of these activities presented?


What are important messages conveyed by these activities and results?


Who are the publics served with these activities and messages?

In the first introductory part of the programme we will discuss your findings and impressions and answer your questions about these various items.


14.00: Welcome and introduction

Discussion of the mission, aims and activities of the Rathenau Institute

14.45: Three presentations of projects of the departments Technology Assessment and Science Systems Assessment and the way communication about projects takes place

15.30: Assignment (in groups of three students)

You are invited to develop a more elaborated working strategy for the successful realisation of one of the TA and SciSA projects presented in the foregoing.


What do you see as particularly important issues to think about?


What working (communication) strategy would you like to propose as a way to deal with these issues?


How would you communicate about the project?


What should be the specific role and contribution of the Rathenau Institute in the successful realisation of the project?

16.00: Tea/coffee break

16.15: Discussion of the assignment, based on short presentations of the different groups.

17.00: Drinks and end of programme.