Vidi awards 2012 for JA@UT members

Both Christian Beckmann (MIRA) and Pascal Jonkheijm (MESA+), researchers from the University of Twente, received a Vidi award from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Vidi award is a grant of up to € 800.000,- giving talented researchers the opportunity to develop their own line of research and build a research team.

Pascal Jonkheijm is a member of JA@UT since February 2012 and with this grant, showing his excellent research qualities, the university is very excited to invite Christian Beckmann to join JA@UT.

Below you find a summary of the research proposals of Pascal and Christian:

On the trail of brain fingerprints
Prof. C.F. (Christian) Beckmann (m), University of Twente – Neuroimaging
In the active brain many different regions communicate with each other. This research will deliver tools to capture brain fingerprints from brain imaging data that describe these relationships and then link this information to differences in a person's behaviour.

Cells also give fingerprints
Dr P. (Pascal) Jonkheijm (m), University of Twente – Supramolecular Chemistry
Cell membranes have dozens of receptors that are vital in signal transfer. The researchers will obtain a better insight into the cellular processes by producing a chip with switchable artificial cell membranes. The knowledge acquired will accelerate research into biomaterials for regenerative medicine.