Science of the Future or Science Fiction?

Symposium Thursday February 7, 19.30-21.30 hrs. Waaier 4 (Berkhoffzaal)

Science of the Future or Science Fiction?

What might have been science fiction way back in the 1980s, has become scientific reality today. In the era of the Commodore, no one would have had the slightest idea that in 2013 most people would walk around with smartphones and tablets connected to the internet. Forecasting the future is not only restricted to authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Scientists like to fantasize about the future as well, notably about possible discoveries and developments in their research area. During this symposium five scientists from the Jonge Akademie @ UT will give us a glimpse into what they think their research might look like in 2040.

The participants are:

Quantum Transport in Matter

Database and Search Engine Technology

Health Technology Assessment

Biomolecular NanoTechnology

Philosophy of Technology

Alexander Brinkman


L. Steuten

Nathalie Katsonis

Johnny Soraker

Alexander Brinkman

Djoerd Hiemstra

Lotte Vrijhoef-Steuten

Nathalie Katsonis

Johnny Hartz Søraker

Dr. ir. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis, Associate Professor of History of Science at the UT, will open the symposium with an introduction entitled: The History of the Future. Since the future was discovered in the late 19th century, scientists have given us marvelous visions of things to come. Dijksterhuis shows that visions of the future are mirrors of the now, reflecting the hopes and anxieties of our time.

Thursday February 7, 19.30-21.30 hrs. Waaier 4 (Berkhoffzaal)

This program is a coproduction of Studium Generale and the Jonge Akademie @ UT.