JA@UT welcomes new members

As of today JA@UT has six new members. All have expressed their interest in contributing towards making our university ‘a better place for talent.’

Among the topics mentioned by new members as those they were most interested in, were:

Talent management

Some of the members wish to specifically to share experiences and challenges they face within the tenure-track system. But also a more general question rose: how can we stimulate and attract more talent? The results of our university with NWO Vernieuwingsimpuls and ERC Grants when compared to other Dutch universities, make it clear that there is room for improvement. One of the questions is how we can better facilitate our researchers?

Inter- and multidisciplinary research

An important reason identified by new members for joining JA@UT is that it provides an opportunity to meet researchers from other scientific disciplines. This could be a useful instrument to search for academic synergies across faculties and to boost interdisciplinary research at our university in potentially innovative directions. A following challenge is how more interdisciplinary research could be stimulated at all levels of education, from bachelor assignments to full projects with PhD students.


All new members stressed the importance of outreach. Scientific knowledge plays an important role in politics and policy and therefore science communication is very important. JA@UT members will think about how they, and the university as a whole, can optimize their contribution to science communication. They want to ensure greater understanding of science among the general public which is also a great way to show society what we do at our university. Outreach is also essential to excite and attract a new generation of keen researchers.

The JA@UT is looking forward to the contributions from all its new members!





Nanobiophysics Group

Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development

Nanobiophysics Group

Robotics & Mechatronics





Ron Gill

Tatiana Filatova

Saskia Lindhoud

Sarthak Misra





Corporate & Marketing Communication

BIOS – Lab on a chip







Joris van Hoof

Loes Segerink