June 17, 2016

New members lunch. Private meeting

The board of JA@UT always invites the new members for a lunch to discuss their topics of interest and what and how they will contribute to JA@UT.

May 15, 2016

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


The main topic of the meeting was “Responsible Research”. It seems that within most universities there is a chaos with regards to bylaws. JA@UT is thinking about whether the university would need something of an ‘Academic Charter’ or a ‘University Code of Conduct’ and what topics should be covered by it. Topics that were mentioned are taking an oath, discussions with regards to (co-)authorship, human rights or attention to negative societal impact.

February 2, 2016

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting

On the agenda of the general members meeting were the following topics:


Discussion about the “Tenure Track 2.0”


Update of the workgroup internationalizering and the workgroup Central Education Prize


The introduction of Anthony Thornton and Ivo Vellekoop.

During the discussion about the Central Education Prize, another education related topic came up. JA@UT wants to look into the mathematics courses within the TOM modules.


December 3, 2015

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting

Two members introduce possible topics to work further on:


the improvement of support services


the improvement of the decentral education award

Furthermore the JA@UT members (shortly) discuss the evaluation of the tenure track and the policy document on internationalizing.

November 3, 2015

JA@UT members @ Studium Generale: Beauty of Science

In the lab of physicist Alexander Brinkman something went beautifully wrong: europium- monoxide oxidized further into useless EuO3. The differences in thickness however resulted in amazing light effects which reminded Brinkman of paintings of Van Gogh. This is an example of the beauty of science. Four young UT-scientists will show beauty in their own field: dr. Nathalie Katsonis about biomolecular nanotechnology, dr. Saskia Lindhoud about nanobiophysics, Alexander Brinkman about quantum transport in matter and Pascal Jonkheijm about molecular nanofabrication.

A short summary you can find here and the full performance (video) you can find here.

October 26, 2015

JA@UT meets Atlas: bachelor assignments

JA@UT is invited to contribute in the form of interdisciplinary bachelor projects for ATLAS students. It was a great opportunity for the JA@UT members to interact on a research level, and to contribute to interdisciplinarity on campus. 

September 24, 2015

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting

In the meeting three topic are shortly discussed: how to engage potential members from ITC, reflections on the focus of JA@UT (what is the role of JA@UT within the university?) and the evaluation of the tenure track.

September 14, 2015

JA@UT meets with A. (Tom) Veldkamp, Dean of the faculty ITC

The Board of JA@UT met with ITC Dean Prof. Tom Veldkamp to discuss how ITC members can be included in JA@UT.

June 22, 2015

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting

Three topics are on the agenda: Science Night, possible new topics JA@UT can address (such as V2020, internationalization or master education) and the introduction of new members.

May 21, 2015

JA@UT meets with Twente Academy Young

JA@UT meets with employees of the Twente Academy Young to see how both parties can collaborate, for instance in the form of masterclasses.

April 28, 2015

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting

Topics on the agenda are: collaboration with University College ATLAS, collaboration with Twente Graduate School, changes in the regulations of JA@UT and possible interest in a workshop pitching.

May 19, 2015

JA@UT member Jurna Schilder @ Studium Generale. Public activity.

On the 19th of May Jurnan gave a lecture (in Dutch) for Studium Generale with the title “the rollercoaster of the future”. A short summary (in Dutch) you can find here and the full performance (video in Dutch) you can find here.

January 20, 2015

Collaboration with University College ATLAS

JA@UT participated in the jury panel for the University College ATLAS Semester-3 assessment. They judged the Mars One research proprosals of the ATLAS students.

January 15, 2015

Collaboration with the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS)

Two JA@UT members, Kerensa Broersma and Joris van Hoof, were involved in the final evaluation of Tech4people. Tech4people is a fund for stimulating research proposals which engage ‘High Tech’ and ‘Human Touch’ disciplines.

Januari 13, 2015

JA@UT start the year with workshops and the opening of her own exhibition in Museum Twentse Welle

The year 2015 started with an event for all JA@UT members in the Museum Twentse Welle. Four members, in pairs, prepared two workshops:


JA@UT – past, present, future

Prepared by Ron Gill and Djoerd Hiemstra.


Valorization and outreach

Prepared by Markus Beck and Wiebe Vos

A summary of the what was discussed you can find here. In the (nearby) future some things will be further discussed, specified and put into a plan of action.

After discussions about both topics the members paid a short visit to the museum, with special attention to “the Egg.” Here is where museum visitors will find the exhibition of JA@UT. A short description of the exhibition called “the beauty of science” you will find here (in Dutch).


October 4, 2014

JA@UT contributes to the “UT Open Huis

Just like last year JA@UT presented herself during the “UT Open Huis.” JA@UT showed her exposition “Science & Imagination.” Especially for the occasion, a movie was made in which some members of JA@UT explained their passion for science.

September 22, 2014

JA@UT writes a position paper about the tenure track


JA@UT writes a position paper about the (implementation of the) tenure track and offers it to all deans, scientific directors, the Executive Board of the University of Twente, the department of HR and all faculty councils.

Members of JA@UT find it important to give unsolicited advice about the topic, because the implementation at the University of Twente is by far flawless. JA@UT is positive about the tenure track system, arguing that the whole university organization benefits from attracting and stimulating talent, but improvements need to be made.

In the paper JA@UT mentions bottlenecks and suggestions for solutions. Members hope and anticipate that their contribution will be used in the evaluation of the tenure track.

To read the position paper, please click here.

Augustus 28, 2014

JA@UT has a discussion with rector Ed Brinksma about the tenure track


JA@UT, of whom the majority of members are in the tenure track system or are working towards a tenure track position, have dedicated multiple internal and external meetings to the topic. Recently JA@UT members spoke about the implementation of the tenure track with the ad interim Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, all faculty councils and will discuss the topic further with the rector on August 28, 2014.

JA@UT is a strong advocate of the tenure track system within the university, and judges it as being a valuable instrument, but concludes there is still room for improvement. In the discussion with the rector suggestions for improvement are given.

To view the presentation, please click here.

Augustus 19, 2014

JA@UT; the new academic year kick off

Before the start of the new academic year , JA@UT members have a lot to discuss. Members have been asked to become active in numerous events, such as:


participating during the “Open Huis” (October 4, 2014)


For the final symposium of the Twente Educational Model on the fifth of November they are looking for a member of the jury. Djoerd will represent JA@UT in the jury.


JA@UT members are asked to get active during the Grants week @ the UT (21-24 October). Loes, Jacco, Joris are volunteering.


TGS Research Honors Pilot / Programme is looking for collaboration with JA@UT.


JA@UT wants to have some in-depth discussions about valorization and is looking for members to form a work group.


JA@UT is asked to participate in a brainstorm session about the UT Summerschool. Anthony will represent JA@UT.


UC ATLAS asked JA@UT to become a member of the research panel which will assess the final interdisciplinary research proposals of the ATLAS students. JA@UT members Joris, Markus, Kerensa en Ron will become active in this panel.

Besides all that, individual JA@UT members – Kerensa and Chao – presented the topic of their research.

May 28, 2014

JA@UT members speak about Science Communication

JA@UT members meet the people from the department of Marketing and Communication to talk about improving science communication at our university.

May 6, 2014

JA@UT members @ Studium Generale. Public activity.


Big Data: a Big Issue

JA@UT members Djoerd Hiemstra and Johnny Hartz Søraker give a lecture at Studium Generale.

Missed it?! Watch the lecture online.

January 16, 2014

JA@UT meets with Victor van der Chijs. Private meeting


JA@UT made clear that she strives for UTopia: to shape the perfect university where the development of talent is guaranteed. Several topics were discussed during the meeting, all relevant for the UT strategy discussion.

A summary of the meeting you find here.

January 10, 2014

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


An internal session to prepare the meeting with the new President of the UT Executive Board Victor van der Chijs on January 16. JA@UT prepared a number of propositions on different topics.


January 18, 2013

Brainstorm JA@UT. Private meeting


A brainstorm session among JA@UT members under the guidance of dr. Anneke Sools from the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences. The goal was to freely think about and discuss the future of a successful JA@UT.

During the brainstorm individual JA@UT members wrote ‘a letter from the future’. Writing ‘letters from the future’ is an instrument, which is part of the research done at the ‘Levensverhalenlab’.

February 4, 2013

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


An in-depth discussion between JA@UT members on the career instrument Tenure Track. JA@UT prepared a number of propositions and testimonials for the meeting with the Central Tenure Track Committee on February 13.

February 7, 2013

JA@UT members @ Studium Generale. Public activity.


Science of the Future or Science Fiction?

A summary of the meeting you find here (only in Dutch).

February 13, 2013

JA@UT- the Central Tenure Track Committee. Private meeting


JA@UT presented ideas and experiences with the implementation of the Tenure Track within the University of Twente. From the Central Tenure Track Committee Anne Flierman, Kees Aarts and Vinod Subramaniam were present.

March 13, 2013

Interview with two JA@UT members in the UTnews


In the UTnews Magazine of March 2013 two JA@UT members are interviewed. Peter-Paul Verbeek reflects on his role as chair of The (national) Young Academy and Regina Lüttge reflects on her role as chair of JA@UT, The Young Academy of the University of Twente.

To read the interviews, go to pages 28 – 29 (only in Dutch).

May 15, 2013

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


An in-depth discussion between JA@UT members on outreach. The discussion had two angles:


corporate Social Responsibility,


digital education.

Even though the UT has formulated no vision on CSR, multiple outreach activities take place on the university. The problem is that these activities are fragmented, uncoordinated and there is a lack of communication (internal and external). Another question is to what extent an institution such as a university – with a core business in education and research – doesn’t already pay sufficient attention to its social responsibility?

In December 2012 JA@UT member Djoerd Hiemstra asked the rector some critical questions about online learning environments. This time JA@UT members discussed how digital education can contribute to outreach. The conclusion of JA@UT members is that the importance of teaching is in the interaction (feedback) between teacher and student. This will not be achieved by simply recording a lecture and putting it online. Moreover, the question is why a student would choose an online lecture from the UT instead of a lecture from MIT? JA@UT members tried to answer this question. If the university wants to continue the use of digital learning environments – also for the benefit of outreach – it must be able to offer something (UT) unique.

June 25, 2013

General meeting and diner JA@UT. Private meeting


Individual JA@UT members – Markus, Johnny and Christiaan – presented the topic of their research. Afterwards an informal diner for members was held to assist members to get to know each other.

October 5, 2013

JA@UT contributes to the “UT Open Huis



Lecture of Dr. Marieke Huisman

Van smartphone naar safephone


Lecture of Dr. Lotte Steuten

Waarde voor ons geld!


Exposition of JA@UT

Science & Imagination

An impression of the exposition you find here.


March 5, 2012

Informal information meeting


Introducing the concept of a Young Academy on the University of Twente

March 19, 2012

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


The kickoff of the Young Academy of the University of Twente.

The first members are presented and the board of JA@UT is installed.

May 14, 2012

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


Discussing and determining topics of interest for JA@UT. Workgroups were formed on the topics:




“Guidance of young talent”


Tenure Track


Outreach (specifically through social responsibility)

June 11, 2012

The board of JA@UT meets the Executive Board of the University

June 14, 2012

The board of JA@UT meets the Dean of University College ATLAS


The board of JA@UT met the Dean of the University College ATLAS to discuss the role of individual JA@UT members within ATLAS. In broad terms, opportunities are:


Contribution to the freshmen program of ATLAS as coaches, mentors and/or teachers.


Actively guiding students during the BSc projects.


Setting up contacts in foreign countries regarding internships for ATLAS students


Connecting ATLAS students to current research activities of JA@UT members.


Searching for added value when combining activities of UC ATLAS and JA@UT regarding the development and guidance of talents

July 10, 2012

General meeting and diner JA@UT. Private meeting


Individual JA@UT members – Jacco, Djoerd, Lotte and Jean-Paul – presented the topic of their research. Afterwards an informal diner for members was held to assist members to get to know each other.

September 27, 2012

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


The workgroups formed during the meeting on May 14, provided a short report on the work they have done.



JA@UT sees the governance project as a great opportunity to get their point of view across. In their daily work, issues right now are for instance:


Having at least two bosses


Having no insight in your ‘own research money’ which makes it impossible to make strategic plans and choices


Unclear position of Tenure Trackers within the UT (sometimes inside, sometimes outside of a research group).


A lot of committees with unclear goals, which cost a lot in terms of (research)time.


A very unclear allocation model (‘a model almost nobody understands’)

JA@UT members are asked to mention positive points on what they appreciate (or like to see) in their working environment. Focus is on giving boundaries for ‘the perfect/ideal organization (UTopia).’


“Guidance of young talent”

JA@UT highlights the importance of attracting, guiding and keeping talent within our organization. JA@UT discussed their role within the Twente Graduate School and UC ATLAS. A suggestion is raised of possibly developing a new “JA@UT prize” for young research talent, enabling them for instance to travel to a conference and get inspired.


Tenure Track

JA@UT received a policy document on Tenure Track (TT) in which describes how the UT is working towards an uniform Tenure Track model. JA@UT posed questions regarding the Tenure Track instrument, such as:


How to deal with an unwilling boss?


Is there enough time for research?


What happens to people who fall out of the Tenure Track system?


Can we learn from other universities with more experience with Tenure Track already?



Regarding outreach and social responsibility, JA@UT has three perspectives:


Outreach through groups with special activities (i.e. Twente solar team)


The role of a UT-employee in a Third World country. For example – from a distance (virtually) – guiding a student but at the same time serving in the capacity as a supervisor .


Open sources, such as distant learning (with certificates like Stanford does), or flash meetings.

October 24, 2012

General meeting JA@UT. Private meeting


An in depth discussion between JA@UT members on the project Governance. JA@UT prepared propositions and testimonials for the meeting with UT Executive Board President Anne Flierman on November 1, 2012.

November 1, 2012

JA@UT in a Governance discussion with Anne Flierman


JA@UT presented ideas on the governance discussion of the University of Twente. Named UTopia, JA@UT outlined a series of suggestions on ​​the ideal university organization.

December 6, 2012

JA@UT-member Djoerd Hiemstra sends an open e-mail to the rector Ed Brinksma


Well known universities such as Stanford and MIT use online learning environments to present the world their best lectures and courses for free. Good examples are Coursera and Udacity. Djoerd asked the rector what the ambitions of the University of Twente are, because so far – in the development of the New Bachelor Model – it seems like there is no attention for any form of online education and online learning.

Here you find the open e-mail, published in UTnews (only in Dutch).