Graduation Bachelor

The diploma ceremony is the last exam of your Bachelor. A short presentation explaining what you did for your Bachelor Thesis Project is part of that exam. This year’s diploma ceremony dates can be found below. There are a number of criteria that must be met before you are eligible to receive your diploma:


Register for the graduation ceremony at the bottom of this page four weeks (20 work days) before the date of the ceremony. When registering, you will be able to indicate whether you want to continue to the Master's programme.


After registering for the ceremony, you will receive an email from BOZ (Office of Educational Affairs), indicating whether you have completed all credits required to graduate. Please check this information to be sure it is accurate within two weeks of receiving the email.


All your grades must be submitted to BOZ by three weeks before the graduation ceremony.


BOZ will review all study results directly following this deadline.


BOZ checks whether all aspects of the programme have been passed.


If so, student services will make a diploma.


Student Services checks to be sure the student has fulfilled his/her legal (registration) requirements to the ID programme and to the University of Twente. Students must still be registered as UT Industrial Design bachelor’s students at the time of the ceremony.


Students will receive an invitation about one week before the graduation ceremony.


Once the final presentation has been successfully delivered and the diploma received, a diploma supplement containing a transcript will be sent to the student's home. The supplement will be sent a few days after the ceremony. If applicable, the student will be registered for the Master’s programme as of the first day of the following month.

*2016-2017 graduation ceremony dates:


16 December 2016


27 January 2017


31 March 2017


12 May 2017


23 June 2017


25 August 2017