Evaluation Committee

The ID programme continuously strives to improve and maintain the quality of its education. The evaluation committee, run by ID students, is a part of this effort. The committee regularly evaluates each course, project or module by conducting surveys and discussions among students. The quality of the evaluations depends on the degree of and effort put into participation by students. The more students participate, the more representative the evaluation can be. Evaluations inspect the relevance of course content, quality of instruction and study materials, study load, and the relationship between the time required for the course, the number of credits, and the level of the course. The EC writes up a report of each evaluation, including the instructors' reactions, and presents the reports to the Educational Committee.

The results and recommendations yielded by the evaluations are made available to students by their study association, S.G. Daedalus.

Evaluation Committee: evaluatiecommissie@daedalus.utwente.nl



Results and recommendations yielded by the evaluations