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UT launches Living Smart Campus What is required to make better use of the University of Twente campus as a living lab, with experiments in which campus users play a primary role? UT students and staff were challenged to come up with ideas for the Living Smart Campus. Six pilot projects were selected from 50 entries: from health assessments by ‘Healthy Heroes’ to a competition for the most energy conscious student flat. 4 Feb 2016: Smart Cities Innovation day The Netherlands and Israel More information in Dutch, click here 14 March 2016: Geo-Ethics symposium Geo-ethics has tradition in geo-information science. In 1991, Brian Harley was in the vanguard of scholars challenging mapmakers to develop an agenda for ethical mapping. Harley foregrounded three concepts—the agency, the interests and the discourse of the mapmaker. Maps are powerful when the agency and interests of the mapmaker escape notice. Only then the world brought into being by the map can be taken for the world. Ever since, geospatial scientists who followed Harley’s call have viewed maps as authoritative resources that work as instruments in social systems, and as such do not only represent the world, but through their use in society they reinforce the power of the mapmaker. 4-6 April 2016: eseia Conference 2nd eseia International Conference on Smart and Green Transitions in Cities and Regions in Graz, Austria. Read more: 17 Nov 2015: Symposium Smart City: van aquaduct tot slim netwerk More information in Dutch, click here 4 Nov 2015: Smart Cities Event Keynote by Jeremy Rifkin: The Third Industrial Revolution" (website in Dutch) 2 Nov 2015: Engineering Smart Cities of the Future On November 2nd , 2015, [from 10.00 to 18.00 CET at the Conference Centre of the Delft University of Technology ] the Netherlands Academy for Technology and Innovation (AcTI) will host the 2015 Annual Conference of Euro-CASE, the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering. 27 Oct 2015: Smart Cities: Supporting an Innovative and Sustainable Development of Urban Areas According to a European Parliament policy study “Mapping Smart Cities in the EU” (January 2014), the core idea of Smart Cities is to better connect human capital, social capital and ICT infrastructures in order to generate greater and more sustainable economic development and a better quality of life for citizens. 5 Oct 2015: Workshop Co-creation Interessed in how cocreation works? You're welcome at our workshop (in Dutch). Check URL.... Smartest City Centre of the Netherlands Competition of the best plan to make your stay in the city more comfortable. Read more (in Dutch): 9 June 2015: Annual CTIT Symposium - Smart Societies: Safety, Security & Privacy, Enschede Wherever people meet and interact, in physical or in cyber space, safety, security, and privacy risks emerge. The causes of these risks vary from innocent carelessness, opportunity crime to organized crime and terrorism. Furthermore, the risks are aggravated by inadequate design of both public and cyber spaces and an increasing population. A society can only be termed smart if benevolent citizens are properly protected against these risks. 2-5 June - Smart City Event Click for more information. 1 June 2015: 2nd Sino-Dutch Forum on Smart City, Amsterdam The aim of this second edition of the forum series on smart city is to provide an international forum for Dutch and Chinese researchers, professionals, industrial practitioners, and government organizations to promote their cooperation on smart city technology and share their knowledge in the rapidly growing area of smart city technology, development and applications. The 1st Sino-Dutch Forum on Smart City was held in Beijing, China (2013). 20-22 May 2015: Smart Cities India Smart Cities India 2015 Exhibition and Conference in New Delhi, India. Read more: 19-21 May 2015: Smart City Business, Brazil Smart City Business America Congress & Expo in Curitiba, Brazil. Read more: