IGS University of Twente

Master Cluster on Smart Cities

The IGS Smart Cities initiative aims at a coordinated approach to come to joint research and education in the area of smart cities and digital societies. One of the activities is starting a new master program on Smart Cities. An interdisciplinary, thematic master allows us to profile ourselves as a High Tech, Human Touch University and it will function as a stepping-stone for joint research.

The master cluster offers a possibility for new crossovers. It allows for new networks that will be established and it allows for the creation of new crossovers, such as new interdisciplinary courses that could be developed. It also asks for new ways of “plugging in” people’s networks and partners as we will be offering a social programme for the students to allow community building between them and their lecturers.

The Master Cluster Smart Cities consists of several master programmes offered at the University of Twente that consist of a core programme from the traditional programme together with a set of predefined electives.