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Past conferences

2015 - Designing Persuasive Tech for Health Congres Supporting Health by Technology VI 2014 - ESEIA - IGS Conference ESEIA-IGS Conference SMART AND GREEN TRANSITIONS IN CITIES / REGIONS: 24-25 April 2014 2013 - EURA 2013 Cities as Seedbeds for Innovation The theme of this conference “Cities as Seedbeds for Innovation” is at the heart of the mission of our university and its Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS). Therefore we are very pleased that IGS and our School of Management and Governance were entrusted with the organization of EURA’s Annual Conference for 2013. 2012 - S.Net Conference S.NET is an international association that promotes intellectual exchange and critical inquiry about the advancement of nanoscience and emerging technologies in society. The aim of the association is to advance critical reflection from various perspectives on developments in a broad range of new and emerging fields, including, but not limited to, nanoscale science and engineering, biotechnology, synthetic biology, cognitive science and geo-engineering. 2012 - Eu-SPRI Early Career Researcher Conference INTERACT UNI This conference seeked to sketch out the key contours of a future research agenda by identifying the key tensions and complexities of valorisation through a confrontation between disciplinary traditions. 2012 - Research Conference on Microinsurance The aim of this conference was two-fold. First of all its objective was to assess the state of the art in microinsurance research and to provide a platform for further in-depth academic discussions, as a complement and follow-up to the Annual International Microinsurance Conferences. In addition, the conference aimed to create a dialogue between researchers from different geographical regions and the variety of research disciplines. 2011 - SENSE conference Resilient Societies The conference will bring together experts, academics and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to discuss and debate governance solutions to make societies more resilient. The aim is to link theory and practice to create a knowledge bridge to exchange ideas and strategies which can contribute to resilient societies. 2010 - Tentative Governance In Emerging Science and Technology The aim of the conference was to identify and elaborate the specific governance challenges of emerging science and technology (EST) and to discuss ways of responding to them.