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Are you in the beginning of your PhD journey and feel like having more contact with the PhDs from another research groups? Or maybe you are asking yourself how to make your PhD a success and make sure you will be one of the 10% of PhDs that finishes a project on time? Or perhaps you are successfully finishing your PhD and feel like knowing more on valorizing your knowledge and having societal impact would be helpful? And not to forget: are you interested in the (funding) opportunities that IGS can offer to you as a PhD? If you feel like getting more answers to these and many other questions, you are welcomed at the IGS PhD Networking Day aimed at strengthening the PhD network within and beyond the IGS research institute at the University of Twente.

On Thursday, March 10 2016, the IGS PhD initiative group invites you to a half-day interactive seminar for  PhD students on the following topics:

- IGS funding opportunities
- Multidisciplinary research
- Valorization of knowledge
- Surviving your PhD

These topics have in common that the PhD students will work in groups guided by professionals. Working in this context facilitates collaboration among PhD students from different research groups. Experienced professionals will be there to share their expertise and give advice. PhDs can also advise each other process- and content-wise and learn from the experiences in the group.

The seminar will take place in Design Lab at the University of Twente in the afternoon starting with a creative lunch and followed by a creative social event at the end. A detailed program will be sent in February.

If you have questions or if you have suggestions for the program of the IGS PhD Networking Day, you can send an email to the organization committee: igs-phd-group@utwente.nl or send an e-mail to Marcia Clifford, m.f.clifford@utwente.nl.

The registration is now closed for this event.

Please follow us on Twitter @igsphds or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/igsphdgroup/ to be informed about future events.