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Confidential Advisor for PhD’s

Every employee can encounter a problematic situation at work that is rather not (yet) to be discussed with a direct supervisor of a HRM-adviser, but where there is a need to address this issue with an independent party. One of the confidential advisers of the University of Twente could be consulted in such a case.

In many cases these problematic situations arise within the employee- direct supervisor of employee-employer relationship. These can come into existence due to a poor working atmosphere, the lack of structural meetings, poor communication, appointments that aren’t lived up to, etcetera.

In case of PhD’s there could be some specific other causes. For example the supervision could be poorly arranged or there even could be a lack of supervision. There could also be difficulties in the working relationship between PhD and supervisor, or the lack of contact with peers from the research field. Within IGS these kinds of problems can be addressed with the Confidential Adviser for PhDs.

The adviser functions as sounding board and mediator, but he does not pass judgment. He can advise individuals, mediate between parties, and, if necessary, arrange professional mediation. The Confidential Adviser for PhD’s can also obtain information necessary to understand problems that are being addressed. Your best interests always come first.

Confidential Adviser IGS

The Confidential Adviser for PhD’s at our institute is dr. ir. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis (tel. 3318).

Tasks and competences:

The Confidential Adviser for PhD’s has the following tasks and competences:

To redirect the PhD’s to other institutions or persons within our outside the UT/IGS;

To take care of the confidentiality of the matters;

After permission of the PhD, find a way and mediate to get to an (informal) solution;

At request of the PhD, help with filing a written complaint and eventually provide help during the formal administrative procedure that follows;

After permission of the PhD, inform and advise the dean of the faculty on the existing situation.