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30 Mar 2017 - The Hague shows little regard for municipal and provincial interests The Dutch government is hardly receptive to local and regional interests, and prefers to keep running the financial show itself. 20 Mar 2017 - Want to boost your education? Upcoming CELT workshops for UT lecturers: 13 Feb 2017 - Visit of USTC Delegation in Management As follow-up of the UT-BMS delegation’s (Prof. dr. Rez Kabir, Dr. Xiaohong Huang and Dr. Liqin Brouwers-Ren) visit to the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Mid-December 2016, two colleagues from the School of Management of USTC, Prof. dr. LU Wei (Assistant to the Dean in International Affairs) and Prof. dr. XU Yi (Education Director MBA) paid a return visit to the UT on 7 February 2017. Both sides agreed on staff exchange and student exchange as the start of bi-lateral faculty cooperation. 30 Jan 2017 - Scale Up Growth NIKOS, UT’s department for Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation Management is involved in a newly started research project by THNK, in collaboration with University of Utrecht and Groningen. 19 Jan 2017 - Better Internet of Things security The University of Twente will investigate novel ways to improve the security for Internet of Things applications. 12 Jan 2017 - UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE DOCTORAL CANDIDATE RESEARCHED 355 DILEMMAS EXPERIENCED BY MILITARY PERSONNEL Through her research, doctoral candidate Miriam de Graaff identified 355 moral dilemmas experienced by servicemen and women of all ranks and all levels of experience with deployment. 9 Jan 2017 - Risk reduction of train accidents through daily after-work team reflection A thirty-minute meeting of ProRail’s rail traffic management team at the end of every working day would significantly improve the way to deal with unexpected and unforeseen situations. There is a corresponding decline in the risk of (near) accidents. Team reflection sessions should be an integral part of the rail infrastructure operator’s corporate culture. This concludes Willy Siegel, based on his research into ‘Team reflection on weak resilience signals’. 21 Dec 2016 - Partners of cancer patients satisfied with web-based self-help intervention Twenty to thirty percent of the partners of cancer patients suffer from psychological problems. This percentage is even higher if the patients in question are terminally ill. With this in mind, scientists from the University of Twente’s Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies and VU University Medical Center have developed a web-based self-help intervention for people in this situation. Nadine Köhle’s PhD research showed that the partners involved were satisfied with the intervention, and that it helped them to cope better with their situation.