Qualitative Research on Mental Health

In association with Institute of Mental Health and the University of Nottingham.


Research evidence is widely held as a key influence on mental health policy and practice, but explorations of meaning are generally marginalised and muted. Whilst hypothesis testing in randomised controlled trials is held as the ‘gold standard’, qualitative research exploring people’s experiences and cultural meaning continue to occupy a more marginal position, even though these experiences and meanings inform important relational and inter-subjective phenomena. 

The QRMH conferences are an opportunity to address this imbalance. QRMH4 will build upon the success of three earlier conferences held in Tampere, Finland, in 2006 and 2008, and in Nottingham in 2010. An explicit aim is to encourage the growth of mental health and mental health services research using qualitative methods of inquiry. This resonates with growing interest in research and practice which investigate and respect service users’ experiences and the importance of relationships in healing and recovery.

The conference will be of  interest to health and social care professionals from all backgrounds but particularly those with an interest in the management of chronic conditions, rehabilitation and mental health: psychological and social scientists and health policy makers. A number of highly distinguished keynote speakers have agreed to make a contribution.

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