"The stories we live by" Online: Effects of an e-mental health intervention

The online "The stories we live by" course is being developed by the University of Twente on the basis of the self-help intervention. This is a preventive intervention, designed specifically for adults in the second half of life (40+) with a focus on integrative reminiscence. Integrative reminiscence is a low-threshold method whereby participants recall memories and evaluate their lives. Alternatives to the life stories underlying the depression are actively sought.

The online "The stories we live by" course is followed by participants independently. Half the participants will be guided by a counsellor and the other half will follow the course collectively as a group, reading each other's stories online and providing feedback. In this way, the degree to which the social component is important in following the intervention will be investigated. The effects of the course on depression, psychiatric symptoms and well-being will be investigated in a randomized controlled trial.