Opening iCRiSP

Thursday February 11, 2010, the opening symposium of iCRiSP took place. Dr. Ellen Giebels introduced the research program Safety and Security, that is the heart of the activities for researchers and participants of iCRiSP. In an interesting afternoon session several speakers introduced the iCRiSP research lines of Conflict and Crisis Management, Risk Perception and Risk Communication, and the Context of Crime, Disorder, and Risky Behaviour.
Ellen Giebels introduces iCRiSP

Jan Gutteling reflected on research on risk perception and communication. Karlijn Beune presented our research on interrogation strategies, and Anja Jansen gave the audience insight in the theory and methodology of her current project. After a short brake Peter de Vries reflected on his new plans for research on crowd control. Participants were given the opportunity to reflect on the research plans, and on their preferred developments. It was decided that this meeting will soon be followed by another one. The opportunity to inform others about ongoing research and research plans was seen as an important activity for iCRiSP to stimulate. After this discussion it was time for Prof. Dr Erwin Seydel , the Scientific Director of the Institute for Behavioural Research (IBR) to symbolically perform the official opening of iCRiSP.

Seydel gives support to the ambitions set out by iCRiSP.Prof Dr Erwin Seydel symbolically opens iCRiSP by cutting the ribbon.