New book on crisis/hostage negotiation

New book on crisis/hostage negotiation

Law enforcement negotiators almost daily face the type of situation that most of us hope we can avoid--a standoff with a person, or group of persons who threaten to harm or kill themselves or another person. The practice of crisis/hostage negotiation is one that most policy regard as perhaps their most invaluable nonlethal weapon in combating criminal and terrorist acts. And, data from the FBI's hostage negotiation databases attests to the significant value of negotiation in peacefully resolving barricade standoffs.

Yet, much is still unknown about the actual communicative dynamics of these negotiations. Historically, meaningful scientific-based knowledge about how language and behavior function during the course of negotiations has been mostly absent. This volume addresses these shortcomings by serving as a forum for the research and practical insights of a cohort of internationally recognized experts of crisis negotiation.


Contemporary Theory, Research and Practice of Crisis and Hostage Negotiation: An Overview

Randall G. Rogan and Frederick J. Lanceley

Hostage/Crisis Negotiation: A Means to an End

Robert J. Louden

The S.A.F.E. Model for Negotiating Critical Incidents

Mitchell R. Hammer

Communication Predictors and Social Influence in Crisis Negotiations

Ellen Giebels and Paul J. Taylor

Managing the Paradoxes in Crisis Bargaining

William A. Donohue

Communication and Crisis/Hostage Negotiation: A Focus on Facework

Randall G. Rogan

Escalation and Deescalation in Hostage-Negotiation

Wolfgang Bilsky, Beate Tebrügge, and Denise Wessel-Therhorn

Completed Suicides: The Law Enforcement Negotiators' Experience

Frederick J. Lanceley

The Psychology of Hostage Takers, Suicidal, and Barricaded Subjects

Kris Mohandie

Abducting Islam: Islamic Extremist Ideology in the Context of Hostage Negotiations

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Kyle Dabruzzi

Negotiation Issues with Terrorists

Wayman C. Mullins and Michael J. McMains

Applying High Reliability Organizational Theory to Crisis/Hostage Negotiations

Anthony J. Hare and Karlene H. Roberts

Concluding Thoughts and Future Directions in Crisis and Hostage Negotiations

Frederick J. Lanceley and Randall G. Rogan