By Miriam de Graaff

For a few years now, the Departments ‘Psychology of Conflict Risk and Safety’ of Twente University and ‘Human Media Interaction Group’ of Lancaster University have jointly organized a research summer school. This year’s summer school took place on June 19th-20th. The aim of this year’s summer school was to inspire (young) academic researchers and allow them to learn from different disciplines.

The highlights of the first day were the ‘high tech human touch’ master-classes. All researchers were invited to get familiar with (new) methodologies from other disciplines (such as serious gaming, kinetics and conversation analysis computing). In the afternoon, Prof.Dr. Justine Cassell and Prof.Dr. James Pennebaker gave an inspirational lecture about their academic history.

On the second day of the summer school Prof.Dr. James Pennebaker (University of Texas) lectured about the relevance of linguistic research, in which he (amongst other topics) addressed how recovery from traumatic experiences is indicated by emotion-words. Prof.Dr. Justine Cassell (Carnegie Mellon University) gave a lecture about recent insights from research on (human-interface) interactions, in which she (amongst other topics) addressed children’s (vocal) reactions to educational computer programs. Furthermore, PhD students from different Dutch and English universities presented their studies on posters during the second day of the summer school.

Prof.Dr. Paul Taylor closed the summer school with his inaugural speech about psychology and communication during (police) interrogations and in complex environments, which proved very interesting.

See below for an overview of the speakers on the first—master class—day of the summer school. You can download the presentations used for the classes in pdf by clicking on their names.

Dr. Ronald Poppe

Dr. Khiet Truong

Ing. Thomas de Groot

Dr. Paul Rayson

Dr. Jaap Ham