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Opening of the iCRiSP research centre at University of Twente

The new iCRiSP research centre at the University of Twente opens its doors on 11 February. The centre, which forms part of the Institute for Behavioural Research (IBR), combines the University of Twente’s research into Conflict, Risk and Safety Perception.

The new iCRiSP research centre encompasses a wide variety of topics ranging from anti-social behaviour to flood risk and from crime to bullying in the workplace. The centre combines research into conflict, risk and security and approaches these topics from a social-psychological or community perspective, according to the centre’s directors Jan Gutteling and Ellen Giebels. “Many of the problems are rooted in the relationships between people, which is why we study the human side of the story. We devote particular attention to projects which combine technology with the human element.”

According to Gutteling and Giebels, the centre serves several objectives. By integrating a diverse range of research interests, the centre hopes to encourage a natural cross-pollination between the different researchers and provide a vehicle for the promotion of their research. Interaction with the professional world and the exchange of expertise is integral to the centre’s work and underpins its collaboration with different knowledge institutions and centres from both home and abroad.

The new research centre forms part of the Institute for Behavioural Research (IBR) which houses all the behavioural science research groups at the University of Twente. The official opening of the iCRiSP research centre will take place on 11 February.

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