The CSG-project: Towards a model of perception of genomics.

In this project, we aim to develop a model of the public perception of nutri-genomics. In most risk perception studies, the research methodology is predominantly based on cross-sectional designs, presenting rather static (single-shot) representations of public percep­tions, trust or affective reactions. The longitudinal processes of perception formation and development are neglected, as well as the long term social and cultural processes that may affect perceptions. This project aims at the development of a new methodology for the public perception of nutri-genomics enabling the analysis of these longitudinal processes. For this we will establish a panel which will be followed during the project. In a series of measurements the panel will be questioned to assess the perception of genomics, both in the cognitive as the affective sense, attributed trust, life style and value priorities. Furthermore, we will assess the exposure of our panel to the content of formal news media regarding genomics (newspapers, documentaries), as well as the content of popular culture, like films and television series, videos, computer games, etc. In the start of the project we will also assess the public’s perception of GMOs.