FRIS a Framwork of Risk Information Sufficiency NWO-grant funding the first part of this project coverer the period from 1.12.2004 – 1.12.2008. The project was executed by Ellen ter Huurne and Dr. Z. Gurabardhi, postdoc.

This project was sponsored by NWO-Gamon. Ellen ter Huurne successfully completed her PhD thesis and publicly defended it on 27 June, 2008.

The FRIS project assumes that the success or failure of risk communi­cation about external safety issues lies in the interaction of the individual citizen’s seeking and proc­essing of risk infor­mation and the social implementation of risk communication policies by government and companies for which external safety issues are relevant. It consists of two subprojects: a four-year PhD project (1,0 fte) and a three-year post-doc project (0,5 fte).

The PhD project has a theoretical, fundamental focus and will provide better understanding of the determinants of risk information sufficiency, applied to external safety issues. A new theoretical framework will be developed, called the Framework of Risk Information Sufficiency (FRIS).

The post-doc project was aimed at the implementation of the new insights in policy and practice. It addresses the question how stakeholders such as governments and the private sector can design or adopt risk communication policies and implement those policies on the local level.