Questionnaire Profiles

iCRiSP, the center Conflict, Risk & Safety Perception, is focused on the valorisation of scientifically acquired information and understandings concerning social questions about conflict situations, risk and safety, related to technology developments.

The goal of the center is to give access to scientifically acquired knowledge and assessments about social risk and safety, to disseminate this knowledge to relevant parties and to promote the application of this knowledge and assessments in the policy of relevant parties through means of advise and communication.

A web oriented assessment center is part of iCRiSP. The purpose of this web site is to facilitate the communication of iCRiSP activities. The website gives interested parties the opportunity to find information about projects and publications, valorisation and dissemination activities and gives access to a virtual network.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information about the persons involved with iCRiSP and their activities, to make profiles which will be integrated in the virtual network. Because of this objective, I’d like to ask you to answer the questions below. The questions concern both personal and work information.

Filling in will take approximately thirty minutes.

Thank you in advance!