IGS University of Twente
EU VOX 2014


UT researchers have been actively engaged in the scholarly community regarding the design and effects of voting advice applications such as EUvox. This is a selection of such scholarly publications:

Gemenis, K. (2013) Estimating parties’ policy positions through voting advice applications: Some methodological considerationsActa Politica, 48: 268-295.

Louwerse, T. & Rosema, M. (2013) The design effects of voting advice applications: Comparing methods of calculating matches. Acta Politica, doi: 10.1057/ap.2013.30

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Gemenis, K. & Rosema, M. (2014) Voting advice applications and electoral turnout. Electoral Studies

Gemenis, K. & Van Ham, C. (2014) Comparing methods for estimating parties positions in Voting Advice Applications. In D. Garzia & S. Marschall (eds.), Matching Voters with Parties and Candidates. Colchester: ECPR Press, pp. 33-47.