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Next to research in the field of governance the University of Twente also offers study programmes in the field of policy and governance. Here you can find a list of the related programmes.

Bsc. Programme European Public Administration
The European Public Administration bachelor's programme will familiarise you with Europe´s multilevel governance, equipping you to connect European policies with local and global realities.
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European Public Administration

Msc. Programme European Studies
Managing Europe is a complex challenge. The master’s in European Studies gives you the expertise to operate in this fascinating environment where various levels of government come together.
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European Studies

Msc. Programme Public Administration
In our complex and ever-changing society, the master’s in Public Administration equips you to tackle today’s most pressing political and administrative challenges.

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The UT offers integrated Master’s and PhD programmes within its Twente Graduate School (TGS) for those interested in an academic career and who want to pursue a PhD degree. A few of these programmes are embedded within IGS and two of them focus on the governance theme. These programmes are Innovation of Governance; and Governance of Knowledge and Innovation.