IGS University of Twente
ESEIA Conference

Track 1

The bioresource transition in regions

Track coordinators:

Dr. Maarten Arentsen

Dr. ir. Annemarije Kooijman

Dr. Alexey Voinov

The transition to a biobased economy involves multiple spatial and temporal scales. Local, regional and international production and consumption chains are closely connected in a hierarchical web of processes creating unexpected causalities and opening new opportunities for policy and decision-making. Optimising the production and use of bio-resources requires change and innovation both in the supply and demand sides. In this track we invite trans-disciplinary papers that deal with both technical and/or social aspects of transitions to bio-based economy.

A possible entry point for analysing and discussing the transition challenges involved is the production chain of bioresources can be represented by a simple scheme:

While the biomass feedstock is typically space, time and context bound, and therefore related to the specific characteristics of a region, the production chain and the demand side are strongly affected by national or even global processes. An important question therefore is how the regional production of bioresources can be improved and optimized given the local and regional settings and given the dynamics in the international context of technical, agricultural and policy developments. Papers are welcome addressing this question from a transitional perspective, in which the following aspects may be considered:

• Local and regional best practices with a discussion of position in future regional or global production chains.

• Natural, technical and institutional factors of influence on investments in regional developments towards regional or global production chains.

• Governance of bioresource innovation practices

• Scale and scope of bioresource application

• Societal acceptance of bioresource transitions and behavioural change

• Energy efficiency, energy quality, life cycle assessment