IGS University of Twente
ESEIA Conference

Excursion 2: Laboratory excursion University of Twente

On Friday afternoon, conference participants are invited to visit two laboratory facilities of the University of Twente. Both facilities are part of the university campus and at short walking distance from the conference venue.

The laboratory of thermal engineering

Some energy..

The research in the laboratory is concerned with questions related to industrial applications of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat and mass transport. Using a combined approach of theoretical analysis, numerical calculations and experimental research, the department aims to develop new or advanced knowledge for application in industrial design. Priority is given to the efficient use of energy and the minimization of environmental pollution.


SPT-Meander lab

The new Meander lab is suited for most research activities on biomass conversion, product upgrading and CO2 capture studies and offers space for small- to medium size pilot plants (up to 3´1.5´2 m). It is equipped with regular- and ‘walk-in’ fume cabinets, an analysis lab (with e.g. GPC, GC/MS, Elemental Analysis etc.) and, in combination with the mechanical workshop next-door, it is possible to go quite quickly from idea to result.

Examples of some (more permanent) research facilities in the Meander include:


quartz micro-capillaries for screening experiments on hydrothermal treatment of bio-oil and supercritical gasification of solids and dissolved compounds


gas absorption equipment for (e.g.) CO2 absorption studies


low pressure fixed bed reactor for catalytic gas conversion (cat screening)


bio-oil gasification setup for syngas, H2 and SNG production