IGS University of Twente
ESEIA Conference

Excursion 1: Field trip to "Climate community" Saerbeck

Field trip to ‘climate community’ Saerbeck (Germany).

The conference organization is delighted to offer the conference attendants an excursion to the ‘climate community of Saerbeck’ on Friday 25 April. Saerbeck - a German town with 7,300 inhabitants located 60 Kilometres East from Enschede in the Münsterland region – is internationally famous for its achievements in managing a local energy transition. Amongst others, the Saerbeck community managed to install a solar park (and additionally many solar panels on top of local buildings), a wind park, and multiple bio-energy plants. Although great achievements have already been attained the community of Saerbeck has ambitions that go even further: it wants to become carbon-neutral by 2030 and energy autonomous by 2050. “Climate protection” is a key value in Saerbeck, and “think global, act local” is the key message shared among its inhabitants. Since 2009 Saerbeck is allowed to call itself “Nordrhein-Westfalen climate community of the future”, after winning a prestigious prize for lowering carbon emissions substantially. Ever since Saerbeck hosts visitors from all over the world who want to learn from the ‘best practice’ experiences with successful implementation of RET, and the governance and business models that supports this. For the Eseia conference attendants the Saerbeck fieldtrip promises to be an inspiring role model on how local energy transitions can be attained.

See for more information the website, or Facebook (both in German).